"There is nothing more beautiful than to know Him and to speak to others of our friendship with Him. The task of the shepherd, the task of the fisher of men, can often seem wearisome. But it is beautiful and wonderful, because it is truly a service to joy, to God’s joy which longs to break into the world." - Benedict XVI - Homily at the Mass for the Inauguration of his Pontificate - 24 April 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Folly's fall

O Folly fury you, of irate tempest
whose pride and recklessness, domination
are wild, hungry beasts whose prey and meaning
are wont to find in roaming pilgrim's hearts.

But Folly do I name you, rightly so
because your reign has firm the earthly bounds
and are you arms but water, fire, wind
who as their destiny Another serve.

And Folly do I call you yet again
for this your title now has brought me bliss
as I thus wonder that your Master's hand
at your rebellion does not rebel.

But wise is He whose all enduring purpose
knows that your wayward will is still His means
as your anihilations clear his pathway
and render limpid heaven's fixèd sphere.

All-knowing One and judicious King
whose mystery feigns a silent watch
and grants permissions now that none can capture
but all is ordered to your solemn plan.

Omniscient Lord who o'er the squalling sees
the beauties that man's eye could never fathom
kept covered by the tempest's hazy rage
but then your calm destroys her every venture.

And there, as brilliant as the day that rises
from 'neath the blanket of the swarthy storm
the mountains soar to beckon to their climax
the traveler waiting long to see the light.

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